Tips to Tame Your Temper

Tips To Tame Your Temper

Are you one of those people who smile politely when someone cuts you up, or does a string of unsavoury words escape your lips in an instant?


Emotions – including anger – make up the person we are and not many people can say they have not experience these emotions at least once in their life. However, too many temper tantrums can take its toll and knowing how to turn this negative feeling into a positive one is a step in the right direction towards taming the beast within.

Here are some tips that anyone can practice to ensure anger levels do not spiral out of control.

1. Think – before you let your anger bubble to the surface, take a moment to think about your actions. That split second, where time stands still, may be enough to diffuse the situation or give you time to act the most appropriate manner, which is probably not shouting and screaming.
2. Exercise – if you find yourself more angry than normal, get out of the house/office and go for a walk or run, until calm returns.
3. Alcohol – not everyone is left feeling fuzzy and warm inside after a glass or two of alcohol. If you find that having one too many wines can instantly change your mood from happy to aggressive, now is the time to cut back or give up altogether if even one does just that.
4. Timeout – life is busy and it can be difficult to make time for yourself leading to the build of resentment which in turn fuels our temper. Try and make time just for you once a week – get a new hobby, hijack the bathroom for a DIY spa treatment, grab a good book and find a comfy chair.
5. Solutions – the only way to be able to find a solution to your anger issues is to work out what causes them. Keep a journal and note down when your temper gets the better of you and the events preceding the outburst.
6. Relaxation – try some deep breathing exercises to help reduce your temper and return your body to a relaxed state. Do you have a particular playlist that chills your entire body? Put it on repeat until you feel that nothing will bring that beast to the surface.
7. Help – having a temper is not a laughing matter and for some it can turn into a major problem. Only you know yourself and your temper, and if you feel that it is increasing in ferocity or causing harm to you or those around you, the next step is to get professional help.

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