The power of happiness

The power of happiness; why the simple hug or laugh can be great for you!  

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When you think of hugs and laughter what do you see? Is it an expression of happiness or joy? These two things may just seem like something we all do on a day to day basis, but the truth is that both hugging and laughing can have a real impact on the way you think and feel. 

Here we have some of the best reasons that you should crack out a smile and grab the person closest to you for a bit of hugging and laughter therapy (just make sure that they want to be hugged or you could have an awkward situation on your hands).  

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A boost  

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Oxytocin is important to us at it reverses those feelings of anger, isolation and loneliness and hugging is an instant booster to your oxytocin levels.  

Lowering blood pressure 

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Laughter is known to reduce your blood pressure and lower blood pressure reduces your chances of stroke or heart attacks. 

Make it linger 

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If you take the time to really enjoy a super long hug then you will see a rise in your serotonin. Serotonin brings your mood up and leads you to feel happier! Vanilla Moon say always be the last one to leave a hug. 

It’s a workout 

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Believe it or not but laughter can burn as many calories as you would walking at a slow pace. Not only is it a great cardio workout, but laughter can also tone your abs as it makes your stomach muscles expand and contract with every chortle you let out!  


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How do you feel when you are hugging someone? Less tense? Relaxed? Hugging relaxes those tight muscles and can increase circulation to soft tissues. This means that any aches and pains can feel all the better! 

Reduce your stress 

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Laughter is known to take down the stress hormones that your body produces. This in turn cuts anxiety and stress which can only have a positive impact on the way you feel! 

Enjoy yourself 

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Both hugging and laughter is a great way to let go and just enjoy the moment that you are in. Hugging gives you the chance to show love and be loved and laughter reminds you that no matter how hard things can be, that there are happy times just around the corner.  

Give your immune system a helping hand 

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Feeling like a cold is on its way? Then pop on a funny film. Laughter activates T Cells within your body which are your immune systems first defences against illness. Perhaps this is where the saying that laughter is the best medicine came from? 

Laughter, hugging and smiling are all ways to improve your mental wellbeing and get yourself on the path to feeling great. Best of all, none of them cost a thing. So take the time to laugh loud, hug hard and really relish every minute of your life!  

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