The importance of volunteering

The importance of volunteering

 We all know that volunteering, no matter what it is doing is a great thing to do. Not only does it feel good knowing that you have given back, perhaps to your local community or even a cause that reaches much wider, but it also has a huge impact on the world around us too.

With National Volunteering Week upon us, we thought that it made sense to take a look at the reasons why volunteering, in whatever form it comes in, is an incredibly important thing for us all to do.

Volunteers have a financial impact on charities around the UK

Whilst a volunteer may think that they are simply offering their time to a charity, organisation or cause, the true fact is that they have a financial impact on them too. In fact, it is thought that in the UK the estimated value of volunteers for UK charities is as much as £22.6bn which is a pretty impressive figure.

Volunteering teaches you new skills

Of course, some of the benefits of working as a volunteer are going to relate to you as a person, else you would never give up your time. One of the biggest things about volunteering is that it teaches you new skills, skills that help your confidence to build and may even improve your chance of new careers. It can be an opportunity to gain experience within your existing skill set by allowing you to work with a new client group for example.

It can help charities reach new people

Whilst you may not feel comfortable shouting from the rooftops about your voluntary work, there is a good chance that you will tell some people what you get up to. By telling them what you are doing and who you are doing It for, you will extend the reach that the charity will have, as well as perhaps inspire other people to volunteer themselves.

It grows a sense of community 

There is no greater power than that of people coming together. This is why community is such an important thing to build. Voluntary work brings people together to achieve a shared vision, which will make reaching that goal a whole lot easier.

It helps you to meet new people

We all like to make new friends and this is definitely a plus point of working as a volunteer, chances are that as you work you are going to meet like-minded people who have similar beliefs and values and then this could progress into friendship.

Now you know more about volunteering and why it is such a good thing to do, why not see if you can find some voluntary work that suits you. It could be working in a charity shop, offering your support to a child as a mentor or perhaps even completing some admin for a charity, whatever you decide to do, the impact that your choices can have will go much wider than just simply helping out that charity and boost your own confidence.


Therapies4Forces are always looking for new volunteer therapists throughout the UK. We also would love to hear from anyone who could volunteer their skills  such as home based administration, article writing, news letter writing social media improvement, marketing, proof reading. T4F get no funding we raise some funds for running costs such as the website and massage oils from raffles we hold at events.

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