Motivate yourself and reach your goals

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As much as you are responsible for your own happiness, you are also responsible for your own success too. Reaching your goals, whether they relate to a career, education or perhaps fitness is yours and yours alone to achieve.  

The key is to keep motivated no matter what crops up along the journey. Here are our top tips to keep feeling that drive to get to exactly where you want to be!  

Know where you want to be 

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How can you reach your goals if you don’t even know what they are? Taking the time to think about exactly what you want and how to get there is one of the best ways to stay on track.  

You could even keep a list of all the steps you need to take and tick them off as you go. Seeing how far you have come is going to keep you driving to finish the list.  

Keep the goal in mind 

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It is likely that most of the time your goals will involve a long process with plenty of obstacles on the way. By always focusing on the end result you will be motivated to jump over those hurdles and get ever closer to the finish line.  

Try not to focus on those negative pitfalls and be positive about the journey that you are about to experience instead.  

Celebrate on the way  

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This leads us into our next tip; celebrating those little wins. Reaching a milestone in your plan is an achievement in itself and should be rewarded. They are also great indicators that you are another step closer, another obstacle overcome to reaching your goal and of course the positive vibes will do wonders for your motivation. 

Know when to change your path 

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There is a chance that even with the best plan laid out you will hit an obstacle that will have you scratching your head and feeling less than positive.  

Perhaps it is time to think about another route. There is no shame in changing direction on the way, think of it as a detour on the road to your goal. Sometimes traffic jams just happen and it is how you reroute yourself that will have you wanting to keep going rather than turning back.  

There is no shame in changing your mind 

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Whilst a goal is there for a reason, you might find that your lack of motivation is simply because your own vision has changed. Finding out that something that you thought you wanted is no longer your dream can be disappointing, but think of it as a chance to re-evaluate what you want to achieve.  

Take a deep breath and picture yourself in the future. It might be the case that your new goal is along the same lines and you have already put in some of the hard ground work to get you there.  

When you reach your goal there really is   feeling. So at the times when you are feeling at your lowest ebb just remember why you are doing the thigs you are and how great it will be when you finally get there. This should have you driving yourself forward!  

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