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Eat better; some small changes to improve the way you feel both physical and mentally 

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When you talk about healthy eating you are likely to think of dieting and calorie counting. Here at Therapies4Forces we don’t think that life should be all about painstakingly paying attention to what you are eating; after all, life is for living. 

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We have some top tips for eating better that will not only have you feeling better but are not huge changes to make to your lifestyle!  

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Drink more water 

It isn’t news to most of us, water is good for you. But despite knowing this many of us still do not drink enough water on a daily basis. Whilst sat working you may absent mindedly grab for your cup of coffee or tea but how often do you grab for the water?  

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This is likely to be because you simply do not have it there. Instead of filling up your mug every time you pop away from the desk, fill up a bottle of water instead and pop it where your mug would be. Before long you will swigging from it without even realising. 

Eat from smaller plates 

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When you serve up your dinner you are likely to pile up your plate. When you serve on a big plate this means that you will be eating bigger portions. Studies have found that smaller plates mean that people will reduce their calorie intake without even realising it and by switching to a 2 inch smaller plate than you usual use you could reduce your food intake by around 22% over a year.  

Make healthy snacks easy to reach 

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If you are feeling hungry but are in a rush you are going to grab the closest and easiest to reach thing to keep you going. Rather than having biscuits, crisps and other unhealthy snacks on the low shelf make sure that you stock it with nuts and fruit instead. That way you are more likely to go for a banana than a digestive.  

Have a meat free day 

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There has been plenty in the media recently about how meat isn’t all that great for you in excess; however, it still seems to be something that many of us are not keen to give up. So why not set yourself the goal of having one meat free day per week. Whether you have a meat free Monday, Veggie Thursday or perhaps a healthy Sunday make sure that you spend one day enjoying some of the other great sources of protein. You never know, you might even start to look forward to your meat free days!  

Think healthy 

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Ultimately, making changes to how you eat can only come from you. Change your mindset and remember that treats, such as sugary or fatty foods are just that. Enjoy life and enjoy eating but always tell yourself that everything should be in moderation in order to keep you feeling extra healthy!  

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