Easy ways to be good to yourself

Easy ways to be good to yourself


Adverts are always encouraging us to be good to ourselves in one way or another and inevitably the advertiser’s product will be just what we need to make our lives complete.  In reality however, there are lots of ways we can be good to ourselves and many of them are free or at least very affordable.


Be good to your body


You have to live in your body for all of your time on this earth, so it makes sense to treat it with care.  There’s a lot of truth in the old saying “you are what you eat” so make sure that most of what you eat and drink is healthy and nutritious.  This starts with breakfast, which really is the most important meal of the day.  If you’re “not a breakfast person” or “too busy for breakfast” then look at alternatives to staples such as cereal or cooked breakfasts.  A bagel with egg, peanut butter or banana and honey can be eaten on the go (if you must) and still provide plenty of nutrition to set you up for the day.  If you like to snack between meals then keep a supply of healthy, filling snacks and stay away from junk food.  Likewise, go for water and healthy drinks such as fruit juices and fruit teas instead of caffeine and canned drinks.  Keep alcohol and other unhealthy food for special occasions and in moderation.


Make time for your mind


Just as your body needs rest, so your mind needs down-time.  Sleep goes a long way to repairing both body and mind, so getting enough of it is a must, but we also need a bit of time out during our waking hours to declutter our minds and destress.  Walking can be a wonderful way to do this, particularly if you can get out to an open space such as a park or woodland area and get some fresh air into your lungs at the same time.  Even when the great outdoors isn’t an option, there are still plenty of indoor alternatives.  Showers may be a great way to get clean quickly, but a relaxing bath with plenty of bubbles is a better way to unwind and clear your mind.  Alternatively try finding some gentle background music and scented candles and then focus on breathing deeply and simply being in the moment.


Make time for time out


There are lots of ways you can be good to yourself at home, but in some cases if you want to get the very best benefit from any sort of health or wellness treatment, it’s best to head to a professional.  For example, it’s relatively easy to learn how to do basic hand, foot and/or facial massage to give yourself a healthy and free treat at home.  Back massages, however, require an extra pair of hands, while some more advanced treatments such as hot-stone massage require specialist equipment and others such as aromatherapy and reflexology really need a certain level of professional training and expertise to be performed safely and effectively.  Complementary therapies treat the body and mind, and are therefore particularly helpful to people with busy lifestyles.

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