As stated previously, Therapies4forces is an independent not for profit organisation that solely depends on the generosity of others who support and sympathise with it’s goals to provide health and relaxation to our brave service men and women.


Any amount, no matter how big or small will all be going towards improving the lives of past and present army personnel all over the UK and giving them the opportunity to heal and recover. It’s your chance to give something back to all our unsung heroes and their families for defending the rights of innocent people around the world.

Fund raising and Sponsorship

Therapies4forces also welcomes any sponsorship or anyone who would like to create a fund raising event in honour of our fine cause. Feel free to contact us on
We are looking for companies who would be able to supply some of the products that the therapist use, for example oils, waxes, essential oils, facial products and products that we can use in raffles to raise funds to enable us to carry on the work we are doing.
From the depths of our hearts we thank you for all your continued support and help – we couldn’t have done it without your efforts – Thank you!